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Snarl 1.13 Released!

Ok I finally uploaded the image of the latest Snarl Release. You can find it on the sourceforge project page which is located here.


Snarl @ LayerOne

I just got home from the Layer One conference in Pasadena today. The conference went well and the attendance was good. I spoke today about my open source project Snarl. It was my first public speaking engagement and I was a bit nervous. All in all I think the talk went well. Here is a copy of my presentation in PDF format(2.3MB) and the original Keynote format(2.1MB). I am currently uploading the Snarl ISO to source forge and I will make another post when I have finished. It will be done in about 4 hours from 5:28PM PST.

Here is the checksum for the new release: MD5 (snarl-1.13.iso) = 451166f6094c94f06d9ed1603472b0c4